St Peter & St Paul - Wigtoft
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St Peter & St Paul,  Wigtoft

St Peter and St Paul

Welcome to our Church. Construction of the building was started in the 12lh century, but like all of our churches it has been subject to alteration, addition (and subtraction) over the hundreds of years it has been in existence.

St Peter and St Paul was built by Crowland Abbey, using stone from their own quarry at Bamack. The oldest existing part of the building is the beautiful Norman window in the west face of the tower.

There is a beautifully carved oak screen at the entrance to the chancel: this dates from the 15“' century but has been much restored over the intervening period.

There are four pieces of very old furniture within the building: the first of these is the very heavy, solid Church Chest, complete with three lockable hasps: this would have been the church “safe” in bygone years, holding the valuables and the record books. There are also two very old chairs which appear to have been partially constructed from old carved bench ends and they date from the 15m century. There is also an old able, very heavy and possibly Jacobean.

The war memorial is situated within the building - this is in the way of a stained glass window and wall plaques, covering both world wars. There is also a parchment book containing not only the photographs of the men who joined up. but full details of their service.

Another point of interest is the tomb, partially built into the wall - this is on your right hand side as you enter, about half way along the wall of the nave. This was discovered during major restoration work in the late 19th Century.

Enjoy your visit to our beautiful church.