Holland Places of Worship Festival
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St. Mary’s Church,

St Mary's is the Catholic parish church for Boston Borough and a small part of East Lindsey. We are situated in the conservation area around the Maud Foster drain, almost opposite the mill. The church was built in the 1820's in response to a growing community of immigrants from Ireland. The church and Presbytery are of later Georgian design and the church contains a fine gallery, acquired from The Stump in the mid-nineteenth century.

Today, alongside the 'native' community (which of course includes descendants of those Irish immigrants), we are a multi-ethnic church, welcoming people from Kerala, the Philippines, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Africa and a number of other countries. As the chorus of one of our hymns has it, 'All are welcome' to this microcosm of the Universal Church.


 24 Horncastle Rd, Boston PE21 9BU